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  • Visiting Boys Choir Pueri Cantores from Luxembourg in Concert April 2, 7:30pm, Mt. Tamalpais United Methodist Church, 180 Camino Alto, Mill Valley,... Press Release 23/03/2018

  • CES 2018: 8 start-ups will represent Luxembourg in Las Vegas! Statement 23/11/17

    The eight Luxembourg start-ups participating in the prestigious CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas from 9 to 12 January were unveiled during an event at the private design club “House 17”. The selection of these young companies was made jointly by the EAEC (European American Enterprise Council) and Luxinnovation. It is the first time that Luxembourg will be present at CES, currently the most important international exhibition dedicated to technological innovation.



  • Europe Day 2017: Europe is our common future Press Release 09/05/17

    Today, May 9, is Europe Day – the day that marks the anniversary of the 1950 Schuman Declaration. In his address, the then French Minister of Foreign Affairs laid out his idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe, based on concrete measures to foster solidarity. The goal was to make war between Europe’s nations unthinkable. By sharing their sovereignty, the nations of Europe ushered in the longest period of peace in their history and set themselves up to have real influence in the world.

  • New Luxembourg nationality law passes parliament Press Release 07/03/17

    Parliament passed the new law on February will enter into force on April 1, 2017. One of the new changes: Candidates marrying a Luxembourger can acquire the same nationality provided the partner lives in Luxembourg or the couple has been married for at least three years immediately prior to the application. The applicants must still pass the language exam and attend the 'Living together in the Grand Duchy' course or pass its test.

  • Global leaders in planetary science announce ASTEROID DAY live hosted by Luxembourg on 30 June 2017 Press Release 16/02/2017

    Global leaders in planetary science announce ASTEROID DAY live hosted by Luxembourg on 30 June 2017

  • University of Luxembourg researchers develop Zcash cryptocurrency Press Release 14/02/17

    Scientists at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) of the University of Luxembourg have developed an important mathematical algorithm called “Equihash”...

  • Cooperation between Luxembourg and the European Investment Bank Press Release 14/02/17

    The Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy and the European Investment Bank (EIB) today signed an Advisory Service Agreement in the context of Luxembourg’s

  • November 2016 Newsletter Press Release 22/11/16

    Hello friends of Luxembourg!

    Space mining has received another boost from the Luxembourg government, with a new space law that guarantees private companies the right to resources harvested in outer space in accordance with international law. At the same time, the government is investing €25 million in space tech firm Planetary Resources to develop its first commercial asteroid prospecting mission by 2020.
     This newsletter also looks at strong post-Brexit interest in Luxembourg by US and other non-EU financial companies and blockchain innovation at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.
     Have a great Thanksgiving!

    Read the Newsletter:

  • Newsletter Summer 2016 Press Release 03/08/16

    As the latest international benchmarks signal Luxembourg's steady improvement as an attractive and competitive business environment, in areas ranging from expatriate costs to logistics and network readiness, innovative and ambitious technology firms continue to be attracted to the grand duchy. In July Luxembourg's parliament took another significant step to encourage the development of innovative businesses by enacting a corporate law reform creating the so-called 'one-euro company', a structure that entrepreneurs can establish quickly and inexpensively, with a minimum of formalities.

    Capacity for data management, storage and security services has also taken a fresh stride, with LuxConnect opening a new facility, its third in the grand duchy, reflecting growing demand for data hosting offering the highest levels of reliability.

    The country's R&D institutions are playing an increasing role in international research efforts, with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology collaborating with MIT on ground-breaking development of advanced coatings materials.

    The stronger focus on innovation as the driver of the Luxembourg economy recently has prompted a reorganization and rebranding of the government's economic promotion efforts. The Luxembourg Trade and Investment Offices worldwide will henceforth work closely with Luxinnovation, the national agency for the promotion of innovation, under its new brand of Luxembourg for Business and Innovation.

    Finally, after an enjoyable and fulfilling assignment of almost seven years at the LTIO in San Francisco, this will be the last newsletter I have the privilege to send you. As of September 1, I will retire to Luxembourg where I look forward to new opportunities. I would like to thank my team at LTIO-SF and all those who I have worked with over the past years.

  • Greg Lamy Trio and Ernie Hames Quintet at San Jose Jazz Summer Fest 12-13 August 2016 Press Release 21/07/16

    The Consulate General of Luxembourg in San Francisco is pleased to announce two Luxembourg jazz bands performing at the San Jose Summer Jazz Fest 12-13 August 2016.

    The Jazz Trio of guitarist Greg Lamy on 13 August (noon) and the latin-influenced Quintet of trumpeter Ernie Hammes on 12 August (6pm).

    Join us at the concerts of Greg Lamy and Ernie Hammes in San Jose!

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