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The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is located in the heart of Western Europe between Belgium, Germany and France. The Grand Duchy has two natural regions : the Oesling in the north and the Guttland (literally the Good Land), which includes the Moselle valley in the east and the Minette coalbasin in the south.

The country covers an area of 2 586 sq. km, 1 758 sq. km of which are in the Guttland and the remaining 828 sq. km in the Oesling. Its total population in January 2015 was 562.958.


The capital

The City of Luxembourg has a population of 110.499 (as of December 2015). Visitors never fail to be surprised by the contrast between the modern upper city, perched on a rocky plateau that is a sheer drop, and the three lower old towns, Grund (the Bottom), Clausen and Pfaffenthal. The European quarter that is home to the European institutions has been spreading over the Kirchberg plateau to the north-east of the city since the 1960s.