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Luxembourg Passport (Minors and Newborns)



Important: have you already asked the Consulate General to verify your child’s information and Identification Number in the official Registry of Luxembourg?



A copy of the proof of payment of either 30 Euros for children under 4 years of age or 50 Euros for children above 4 years of age. Please refer to the passport payment section (payments can now be made online using a Visa or MasterCard) and print your proof of payment.



completed and signed. Minors who know how to write are encouraged to sign their passport application. The application must also be signed by the parents or guardian. (A 5 year passport for minors aged 4 or older, a 2 year passport for minors aged 3 or under).The signatures must not cross or touch the lines of the signature box on the application form.


Luxembourg Passport (if this is their first passport there is no need to present a passport; however, you may need to present a “Certificat de Nationalité” and have already verified with the Consulate General that your child is listed under their own IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (“numéro de matricule”) in the Official Register in Luxembourg.



Original US Permanent Residency Card (Green card), US Passport, US Visa, EU Passport OR  any Third Country National Passport

Please note that these documents are only requested to prove single or dual nationality and that legal status in the USA is not required to obtain a Luxembourg passport.



One USA PASSPORT SIZE PHOTO from COSTCO or Professional Passport Photographer / OR Luxembourg (or German) passport-size photograph from UNION POST near the Consulate

If you have access to COSTCO, please ask them for a US Passport Size photo. The only location we will accept a US Passport size photo instead of a Luxembourg size photo is with COSTCO or Professional Passport Photographer, but if the photo does not fit the requirements, we may ask you to go to Union Post SF. Please do not take photos at Walgreens or CVS as they are of bad quality.

Union Post SF at 237 Kearny Street (2 blocks away from our Consulate, a map is attached with directions from Sutter Stockton Parking Garage to Union Post and from Union Post to our building) – PLEASE TAKE PHOTOS BEFORE COMING IN FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT 

IMPORTANT GUIDELINES FOR PHOTOS / please note that we understand that it is difficult to take a passport photo of a small child, but if possible please have them follow the following guidelines as best as they can: neutral expression and do not show your teeth, do not open your mouth or smile, do not have a lot of fabric, a big jacket collar or a hoodie around your neck, do not wear glasses, do not wear headphones.

UNION POST at 237 Kearny Street (between Sutter Street and Bush Street), which is 2 1/2 blocks away from our building.

  • If you are parking at  SUTTER & STOCKTON PARKING GARAGE (located 4 blocks away) please enter with your car at 444 Stockton Street, but exit as a pedestrian on the SUTTER SIDE of the building (follow the signs for Sutter Exit) at 245 Sutter Street (pedestrian exit and entrance), walk down the hill of Sutter (left out of the Pedestrian exit) to Kearny and take a left on Kearny, then walk to Union Post, once you've take your Luxembourg passport photo, walk back to Sutter, continue down Sutter until the very end of Sutter at Sansome Street, our building is on the left and the security entrance is on the Sutter side of the building, please refer to the following map with all 3 stops from the garage to Union Post and then to the Consulate's Building:

Please ask UNION POST for a LUXEMBOURG PASSPORT PHOTO. Do not smile or show your teeth in the photo, and your hair must be away from your face (ears visible if possible). You do not need to cut the photo down to size, as we have a machine to do this.


A proof of address for both of the parents or legal guardian (copy of driver's license or last telephone/electrical bill).



A document signed by both parents saying that the child is living with them or a document signed by the legal parent or legal guardian saying that the child is living with them. Please find attached a suitable statement of parental consent:


Unless you pick up the new passport at the consulate, a prepaid LABEL WITH A BARCODE is MANDATORY and we will NOT ACCEPT HAND WRITTEN LABELS (FedEx ONLY ) – please refer to FedEx instructions below.



  • Please create a label online by opening a FedEx Account  (how to open a FedEx account);
  • The label should be addressed as shipped FROM YOUR HOME ADDRESS TO YOUR HOME ADDRESS (or work address if you prefer) - in order to make it clear to FedEx that your are paying for the envelope please use your address as sender and receiver, we will be able to use this label from our Consulate in San Francisco.
  • Request a ship date that is either OVERNIGHT or 2 DAY or EXPRESS SAVER DELIVERY from the date you are making your label; the date on the label does not matter as FedEx will register the date your passport will be shipped.
  • Then, press PRINT LABEL (please print 2 labels and keep one or create a pdf document and email me your label, the label will have a Barcode).
  • If you are having difficulties creating a label please call 1-800-GO-FEDEX or go to a FedEx office and have them create one for you.

Please find at the top, a checklist to ease the process.