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Additional information: Travel Health Insurance


Why do you need this?


The Schengen rules stipulate that health insurance coverage must PAY DIRECTLY the hospitals in Europe. Medicare and Blue Cross REIMBURSE the person once they have returned.


The SCHENGEN GROUP (all member countries) agreed to ask Schengen Visa applicants to get TRAVEL HEALTH insurance which pays the Hospitals DIRECTLY. The minimum requirement is 35,000 euro coverage with coverage for air ambulance repatriation back to the home country.


Our Consulate used to accept local health insurance like Medicare and Blue Cross, but we are no longer able to due to the Schengen rules. As a member of the Schengen partners we must comply with these rules.


The Travel Health Insurance must be valid for the duration of your stay. If you are applying for multiple trips you can get “Multi-Trip” Schengen Insurance which you can find online.


Our suggestions:


One of our suggestions is the following plan for individual trips, but you would need to call to find out if they would give you a better price for a 1 year “multi-trip” policy:


MEDIAVISA is not available for residents of Washington State




You do not need to use this specific travel health insurance but it does need to cover the minimum of 35,000 Euros medical expenses and air ambulance repatriation.

Travel Health Insurance often gives you trip interruption coverage, lost baggage coverage and other benefits which are all advantageous to the traveler.