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Newsletter June 2016

Published Friday June 17 2016

June 2016 Newsletter! Planetary resources, Nato data center, Ampacet business award, start-ups, innovation, fintech, blockchain...

Luxembourg is wasting no time in preparing the ground for its initiative to promote the commercial utilization of space resources. Work is already underway on the legal framework to provide investment and companies with a sound footing for their space activities, with legislation due to take effect next year. This month saw the first meeting of the international advisory board for the government's initiative, of which I am honored to have been appointed a member. We have a great deal of work ahead given the growing interest in the venture, particularly here on the US West Coast, with Deep Space Industries and Planetary Resources setting up their European business in Luxembourg.

Financial technology is another field of mutual interest and co-operation with the US, highlighted by last month's visit by a Luxembourg trade mission to the East Coast; at home the ICT Spring Europe conference was the biggest yet. While in New York, Crown Prince Guillaume presented Ampacet, a color and additive masterbatch specialist supplier, with the 8th Luxembourg American Business Award for its contribution to the grand duchy's economy.

Meanwhile, Luxembourg's start-up community continues to make news, like Kliber's mobile recruitment app, new on Google Play, or, which helps SMEs embrace cloud computing.

You can read more about all these and other topics in our June edition.