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Published Thursday March 12 2015

Photo: Christophe Olinger


A referendum on constitutional matters will take place in Luxembourg on June 7, 2015. 


Please find below instructions on how to participate:


Pursuant to article 89 of the electoral law of February 18, 2003, voting is compulsory for all citizens of Luxembourg older than 18 years on the day of the ballot who enjoy all civil and political rights and are registered in the electoral registry.

Citizens 75 years or older and citizens who are domiciled in a municipality different from the one where they are called to vote – i.e. citizens who live abroad – are exempt from compulsory participation in the elections.

The electoral law enables Luxembourg citizens who do not reside in Luxembourg or who are staying abroad for personal or professional reasons to participate in the election with an absentee ballot.


Citizens who wish to do so must submit their application to vote to the Board of the Mayor and the Aldermen (Collège des Bourgmestre et Echevins) of the Commune where they are registered voters.


Registered voters domiciled in Luxembourg but absent on election day, should submit their application to the commune of their domicile. Registered voters who are not domiciled in Luxembourg should submit their application to the commune of their last domicile, or else the commune of their birth, or if born abroad, to the commune of Luxembourg-City.


Applicants residing abroad should enclose a copy of their valid passport (cover and main page) with their application. In their application, voters also need to declare under oath that they have not been deprived of their civil and political rights by a court order (please refer to form below).


The application to participate via absentee ballot must be received by the Board of the Mayor and Aldermen of the relevant commune at the earliest on Monday March 30, 2015 and no later than Friday May 8, 2015.


In case of admission to the absentee ballot, the applicant will receive by registered mail no later than 20 days before the ballot day, i.e. no later than 18 May 2015, a letter including voting instructions, a voting ballot and a mailing envelope which must be used to return the voting ballot to the relevant commune.

You can find out more about the details of the referendum on the Luxembourg Government's website .


The Embassy of Luxembourg in Washington ( ) and the Consulate General of Luxembourg in San Francisco ( ) are available for further questions.