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Visiting the Consulate & City


The Luxembourg Consulate General is located in the Financial District characterized by high rise buildings and a busy Monday through Friday work week. This neighborhood is pretty empty on the weekends as the neighborhood is a place where the locals come to work.


Hotels can be quite expensive in San Francisco as we have a lot of tourism and large conferences. The Luxembourg Consulate General can not provide you with special rates or with inside information on the best deals as these change on a daily basis. Most hotels are located in the following tourist areas: Union Square, Embarcadero, Pier 39 (these are relatively close to our Consulate) and the Lombard area.


San Francisco is the epicenter for some of the most diverse cultures and people. This San Franciscan trait becomes evident once you discover the variety of different restaurants and cafes that are prominent within the city and luckily, just next to our very own Luxembourg Consulate. Belden Place is a perfect example of different cultures and food that meet in a small area to make up San Francisco's charm. With eclectic restaurants serving food from France, to Italy, to Catalan, Belden Place fares well in San Francisco's rich community. A link to their website is:  

And here are the directions to Belden place from the Consulate General of Luxembourg in San Francisco: Belden Place


If you wold prefer to have a more local (less "touristy") experience in San Francisco please refer to the links below regarding our neighborhoods and vacation rentals. Neighborhoods with easy public transportation access to our Consulate are the Mission District (avoid Mission street as it is louder & dirtier, & 16th and Mission at night; visit Valencia Street, Mission Dolores Area, and the Areas from 24th and Valencia to 16th and Valencia, all accessible by BART and Muni), Noe Valley (family neighborhood accessible to downtown with Muni Metro line J Church), Hayes Valley, Duboce Triangle, Inner Sunset (accessible to downtown with Muni Metro Line N Judah, can be foggy in the summer), and Cole Valley (also accessible with the N Judah Line and near the Haight Ashbury area).

  • San Francisco is composed of many unique neighborhoods each with their own characteristics much like a village with it's own center for shopping, entertainment and dining. If you would like to get to know our neighborhoods please refer to the following website:

             Neighborhood description from SF Gate:

             Neighborhood description from Airbnb: 

  • If you would prefer to stay in the local neighborhoods please refer to the websites below for either private or shared vacation rentals (please note that most of these types of rentals will have a flat rate for the cleaning fee in addition to the daily fee):

            Airbnb San Francisco (Vacation Rentals either private home or a room in a someone's home):

            VRBO San Francisco (Vacation Rental by Owner - these are usually private accommodations):



One stop phone and web source for public transportation in the entire Bay Area:  


Directions to the Luxembourg Consulate General in San Francisco