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  • Launch of the new edition of Fit 4 Start, with a new HPC and data analytics track Statement 15/09/21

    The Ministry of the Economy and Luxinnovation launch the 12th edition of Fit 4 Start, Luxembourg's acceleration program. Start-ups active in ICT, healthtech and space are invited to apply until 4 October 2021. A special focus on HPC and data analytics gives five start-ups access to the Luxembourg national High Performance Computer MeluXina.

  • Fitch awards Luxembourg finances AAA rating Statement 30/08/21

    American credit rating agency Fitch has once again confirmed the AAA rating of Luxembourg with a stable outlook. The same rating is awarded by agencies Moody’s, Standard & Poor and DBRS Morningstar, which confirms once more the country’s good financial situation based on a balanced budgetary approach.

  • Luxembourg among the top 10 financial centres in the world Statement 23/08/21

    Luxembourg ranks 8th in the 2021 edition of the Global Financial Centres Index, which analyses the size and growth of financial markets in over 60 countries. When taking the wider business environment into account, Luxembourg comes 4th. It is also considered the most international of any financial centre.

  • Moody’s confirms Luxembourg’s AAA rating Statement 23/08/21

    Based on Luxembourg’s economic resilience, solid public finances and robust and transparent institutional framework, credit rating agency Moody’s has once again confirmed the country’s AAA rating. Luxembourg is one of the few countries in the world that receives this pledge of stability and confidence.

  • ICT Spring Europe 2021 to be held in Luxembourg from 14-15 September 2021 and call for start-ups to apply for the Mastermind competition Statement 19.08.2021

    The 2021 edition of the annual  ICT Spring Europe  will be held from 14-15 September at the European Convention Centre in Luxembourg.

    One of the sessions during the two day ICT Spring event will be the inaugural  Mastermind Summit & Competition  that will take place on 15 September. The event dedicated to the startup ecosystem, aims at rewarding the brightest start-ups from all around the world.

  • Luxembourg launches official start-up web platform Statement 06/07/21

    On 5 July 2021, Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot and Luxinnovation CEO Sasha Baillie officially launched the web platform aimed at showcasing the Luxembourg ecosystem internationally and facilitating networking.

  • New Luxembourg roadmap for a competitive and sustainable economy Statement 21/06/21

    On 21 June 2021, Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot presented a new roadmap for supporting the transformation of the Luxembourg economy until 2025. The roadmap notably focuses on accelerating digitalisation, facilitating the transition to a circular economy, developing strategic, resilient value chains and fostering a safe, trusted data economy.

  • Crossroads Magazine: Turning data into value Statement 03/06/21

    Luxembourg is on the road to becoming one of Europe’s most sustainable and trusted data economies. The new edition of Crossroads Magazine takes a deep dive into the opportunities generated for businesses in the new data economy. It also provides an insight into Luxembourg’s role as a European hub for the commercial space industry.

  • Luxembourg 5th best country to raise a family Statement 29/01/21

    Luxembourg is the 5th best country to raise a family in the world according to a comparative study of international sources. The country performs particularly well in the safety, cost and time categories.

  • Luxembourg among the first signatories of the Artemis Accords Statement 14/10/20

    Luxembourg became a founding member of the Artemis Accords when Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot signed the Accords on behalf of the country. The objectives of the NASA-led programme include sending the first woman and next man to the surface of the Moon in 2024.

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